Professional PageSpeed optimization for WordPress

Who we are?

We’re a team of WordPress professionals with 10 years of experience in keeping WordPress websites fast and secure. We’ve worked on more problems that we can count, but we’ve never given up on a problem.

Why does Pagespeed matter?

From the search engine standpoint

One of the signals used by Google’s algorithms to determine page rank is site speed, so slow site speeds and respectfully page speed index result in slower crawling of web pages and low search index position.

From a user standpoint

Users demand speed. Huge percent of users leave your page if it takes more then 3 seconds to load. Quick pages improve CTR and user retention rates.

Bottom line

Pagespeed is key to increased conversions, improved seo ranking, improved user experience, lower bounce rates and improved user retention.

You can read more about Why Pagespeed matters here

How we help

We will audit and optimize your web server or configure a new VPS/Dedicated machine specifically for your website.

We will audit your codebase for vulnerable packages, update all WordPress and plugins and improve the overall security.

We will optimize your pages one by one and add them to our continuous pagespeed monitoring system.

Our tools

Over the years we’ve developed WordPress plugins and monitoring systems which automate some of the processes, like minification of resources, and serving images in next generation format. But we always create optimization strategies based on the specific website we’re working for.

Get a quote

Because of the personalized approach you can get a quote based on the specifics of your WordPress project by using our Contact form